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Professional Solutions is a knowledge leader in the fields of professional and forensic communication.

For the last 20 years, we have offered advisory services and learning and development solutions to National and Local Government, international multi-disciplinary consultancies, expertise specific consultancies, independent professional practitioners and professional bodies.

Our focus is to help clients achieve excellence in all aspects of professional communication, so that they can demonstrate their expertise to clients and prosper in the challenging marketplace for professional services.

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Revised and updated for the Jackson ReformsWe are very excited to offer the first expert witness e-learning programme certified by the EWI. Other programmes are in development and we have an ongoing commitment to e-learning.

Medico-Legal Report Writing in Civil Claims (Core Skills)

"This training has been well prepared and extremely helpful in making clear what I need to consider whilst completing Expert Witness work in this field. It has provided me the confidence to proceed into court work. I very much appreciate the emphasis on knowing and understanding one's duties and obligations as an Expert Witness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise."
Dr Maria Thompson

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Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims – an Essential Guide (2nd Edition)

Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims - Order Now

"An essential and invaluable resource for all involved in medico-legal work as expert witnesses… an invaluable aid to legal understanding and to the enhancement of the expert’s practical skills."
James Badenoch Q.C.
(Chairman Emeritus EWI)

"A must-have-manual for the new expert - a go-to-guide for the
mature expert."
Dr Jan Wise
(Chair of the BMA Medico-Legal Committee 2004-2015)

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